Zenith x Range Rover: When precision meets luxury and capability

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Watches and luxury cars go together as well as oysters and champagne, which is why the collaboration between Swiss watchmaker Zenith and Range Rover is very special.

Both legendary brands are renowned for their design, innovation and luxury.

Zenith was founded by Georges Favre-Jacot, who wanted to create the most accurate and reliable watches yet seen. Georges insisted on constant improvements to the quality and precision of his timepieces to complement their design and finish.

Zenith’s achievements include producing the first self-winding mechanical chronograph and creating a watch that could withstand the extreme pressure, temperature, altitude and acceleration of Felix Baumgartner’s speed-of-sound freefall record in 2012.

The parallels with Range Rover are clear. Since 1969, the Range Rover formula hasn’t drastically changed – it has evolved to become a vehicle of ultimate refinement. It retains its peerless design, iconic presence, go-anywhere ability and cosseting ride as it integrates the latest technology.

Zenith and Range Rover have collaborated on a collection of watches that showcase the two brands’ design, technology and innovation. Limited-edition timepieces were created to mark the launches of the Range Rover SVAutobiography and the Range Rover Velar. Now comes a third Zenith Range Rover timepiece for the new Evoque.

The first timepiece was the El Primero x Range Rover SVAutobiography watch launched in 2016, which is a supreme lightweight timepiece recognising the ultimate Range Rover. Crafted from ceramised aluminium matching the car’s architecture for added durability and lightness, the watch also has a face with a clean, concise and uncluttered reminiscent of the Range Rover’s interior.

The second watch, the El Primero x Velar, uses the same high-performance aluminium body but finished in a fetching burnt copper with a contrasting grey dial face. The strap is lovingly crafted from calf leather for that touch of luxury found in Range Rovers.

Now we have the Zenith DEFY Classic Range Rover watch, specially co-developed by design and technical engineering teams working in close harmony. This 200-piece limited edition DEFY Classic Range Rover is a combination of its own streamlined looks and certain unmistakable elements drawn from its automotive inspiration. These notably include colour themes such as the seconds hand and oscillating weight attired in Arctic Petrol (turquoise blue) inspired by the accents on Evoque’s steering wheel and seat detail.

A key component of the new Range Rover Evoque is Desirability. The new Zenith Defy Classic Range Rover watch represents a step change in collaborative watch design, the result being a highly desirable timepiece and a fitting tribute to the Zenith and Land Rover collaboration.

Gerry McGovern
Land Rover Chief Design Officer

The open worked dial of this sophisticated timepiece is inspired by the sculptural design of the Evoque wheel, while the quilted-patterned upholstery of the premium SUV is picked up in the ‘diamond’ motif gracing the rubber strap of its horological alter ego. Powered by a new Elite skeletonised movement, ZENITH’s first reinterpretation of its Defy Classic collection radiates a unique allure based on an inspired and powerful design.

If Zenith was a car it would definitely be a Range Rover! Both are recognised as icons in their fields. Both share the same values as well as a number of key assets, including charisma, technical refinement and remarkable performance. Both have innovation in their very DNA. The Defy and the Range Rover are both desirable, luxurious trademarks and pioneering cornerstones of their industries – objects with which there is an immediate emotional connection. Both are inspired by the past, while looking firmly to the future.

Julien Tornare
CEO Zenith
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