Sustainable Luxury

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What is a driver to do when sustainability is a priority in these eco-conscious times? With resources under pressure globally, every decision we make affects our world.

The Range Rover Evoque is designed for eco-conscious drivers – people looking to make a better choice.

Sustainable from the inside out

Fuelled by sustainable innovation, this luxury compact SUV uses responsibly sourced materials.

Its luxurious seats are upholstered with premium alternatives to leather. Optional Kvadrat premium textile is made with 53 recycled plastic bottles per car and is combined with Dinamica Miko Suedecloth.  



Or choose Eucalyptus Melange premium textile, produced from natural fibres that need significantly less water when growing. This option is paired with Ultrafabrics material.

It doesn’t stop there. From wheel arches to carpets, more than 16kg of recycled materials feature throughout this luxury SUV, diverting  thousands of tonnes of plastic from landfill.

This is a company, after all, with a zero-waste goal; it even supplies used plastics from its design studios for a new life as surf boards.

Mindful of emissions

The Evoque’s mild-hybrid is made for smooth, refined driving on congested roads and in start-stop traffic. At speeds below 11mph (17 km/h) the engine cleverly shuts down when you brake to help lower its emissions. Any saved-up energy is then redeployed to reduce fuel use.

If you’re fond of numbers, this greater efficiency translates into an eight per cent reduction in CO2output.

Zen in the city

Stepping inside the Evoque, you’re instantly at home in an environment of serenity. Quieter than before, the cabin’s clean modern architecture offers uncluttered surfaces and a calm space. There’s more room in the boot too.

The way we make our cars and the materials that go into them are of vital importance. The use of recycled and natural materials along with the more efficient manufacturing processes reflects the importance of sustainability to the new Evoque.

Chris Thorp
Jaguar Land Rover’s Responsible Business Director
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