Range Rover Evoque x Master & Dynamic: Compact Performance

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Compact doesn’t have to mean compromised. The best designers work their magic on smaller packages – this is how the Range Rover Evoque redefined the SUV for the city.  Master & Dynamic takes the same approach to creating its sound tools.  

The two brands have a strong connection. The new Range Rover Evoque performs as well off the road as on it, in any conditions. Master & Dynamic headphones deliver on the daily commute and in the gym, for Beethoven or Guns N’ Roses. 


To celebrate the new Range Rover Evoque, the New York-based audio company and Range Rover collaborated to design sleek, light and small Range Rover Evoque x Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones with an emphasis on performance.

The wireless earphones are made of handcrafted acetate, connect via Bluetooth 4.1 to personal devices and are housed in a polished stainless steel charging case to deliver the ultimate mobile sound tool. Packed with advanced technology for great acoustics, the MW07 uses 10mm custom beryllium drivers to provide Master & Dynamic’s signature rich, warm sound. 


The eye-catching, handcrafted and sustainably-sourced acetate body is inspired by Evoque launch colours and finished with silver or copper accents. A pair of silicone fit wings support and secure the buds comfortably in the ear, creating the most tailor-fitted true wireless earphones to date. Completing the package is an elegantly designed stainless steel charging case providing a total of 14 hours of on-the-go listening. 

Master & Dynamic’s special edition MW07 True Wireless Earphones and the new Range Rover Evoque will both turn heads. And both will take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life. Compact has never looked less compromised.


For more information please visit www.masterdynamic.co.uk

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