Land Rover SUVs with third-row seating

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If you are looking for a SUV with third-row seating that can provide both additional flexibility and practicality, you have plenty of choice. But what if you want one that is more luxurious and capable than the average seven-seater vehicle?

That is where Land Rover has you covered. In its range of SUVs, there are four vehicles which offer the option of third row seating without compromise.

Whatever your reason for choosing a seven-seater vehicle – Land Rover has an SUV to suit your needs.

What is SUV third row seating?

An SUV with third-row seating is a vehicle that has three rows of seats allowing it to accommodate more than five people.

In the UK, vehicles with a third row predominantly seat seven people, however, in the US there are some models that will cater for up to nine. Land Rovers with a third row of seats will carry up to seven passengers.

Regardless of which vehicle with third-row seating you choose, the benefits are plentiful as you don’t have to use the seats all the time. These vehicles are more versatile than traditional SUVs, as you can choose to carry more people, expand the load space, or a mix of the two.

There are two different types of third-row seating options to choose from: a 5+2 configuration or seven full-sized seats.

With 5+2 seating you have the option to carry seven people in your Land Rover. These seats are ideal for children not needing a car seat and teenagers, or adults on short journeys.

Full-size seven-seat models are designed to comfortably accommodate adults in the third-row on longer journeys.

When these seats are not in use they neatly fold away into the boot floor to create a flat and usable load space.

Which Land Rovers have third-row seating?

Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you are looking for a compact SUV with third-row seating – look no further than the versatile Discovery Sport.

It is as striking as it is capable and composed. Full of the latest technology, the Discovery Sport is ready to take you and your family wherever you want to go.

Its 5+2 seating is flexible enough for up to seven people, meaning this Land Rover can deal with whatever a family demands of it.

When they are not needed, the third-row seats fold neatly into the boot floor, while the second-row slide and tip forward making access to third-row seating easier.


Land Rover Discovery

If you want a large SUV, then the versatile Discovery is for you. The bigger brother to the Discovery Sport, this capable and versatile Land Rover has been a full-size seven-seater SUV since it launched in 1989.

The Discovery is the only Land Rover capable of transporting seven adults comfortably. Its stadium seating allows everybody to see the road ahead in the greatest comfort.

The layout of the second and third-row seats can be configured at the touch of a button. Intelligent Seat Fold gives you the option to control the space in your vehicle using buttons in the boot, the PIVI infotainment system, or remotely from an app on your smartphone. It helps you make the most of this large seven-seater SUV.


Land Rover Defender 110

If you are after a robust SUV with third-row seating for your latest adventure, the New Land Rover Defender is for you.

The Defender 110 comes with a third row of seats in a 5+2 configuration. This reimagined icon is more practical and capable than its predecessor and powered by the latest advanced in-car technologies. 

This tough, durable and highly functional member of the family is the pinnacle of how capable and robust a Land Rover can be.

With the third row of seats, all seven occupants can also enjoy a range of comfort features to make any journey enjoyable.


Range Rover Sport

Desire a little more opulence and style from your seven-seater Land Rover? Then a Range Rover Sport is the vehicle you want.

This meticulously designed and driver-focused SUV has exceptional on and off-road capabilities which put it in a class of its own.

Mix in the contemporary interior and you have a vehicle with the performance, style and luxury expected of a Range Rover, with ability to carry seven passengers in the optional 5+2 configuration.

When needed the third row is easily accessible thanks to the second-row seats sliding forwards, and when they are not, the seats stow away neatly under the floor.


Which seven-seater Land Rover is the most spacious?

Whichever of the four Land Rovers you choose, each one is spacious enough to seat seven people or to carry lots of your family's kit.

The Discovery has the most load space with all seven seats in use. Its 172 litres* of usable boot space is enough to carry three cabin bags.

The Range Rover Sport has 162* litres of room behind the third row, while the Defender 110 has 160* litres behind its rearmost seats.

The compact Discovery Sport can accommodate up to 115* litres with all the seats in use.

The Land Rover Discovery has the largest load space of all four vehicles when the second and third-row seats are folded down. Its interior load space is cavernous and capable of holding a maximum of 2,004* litres.

The Defender 110 has up to 1,826* litres of space, while the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Sport both offer sizeable extended load spaces of up to 1,574* litres and 1,463* litres respectively.

*These are dry volumes measured with VDA-compliant solid blocks (200mm x 50mm x 100mm).

Can I fit a child’s car seat in the third row?

All Land Rovers with third-row seating have two sets of ISOfix or LATCH car seat mounting points on the outer seats of the second row. These provide the safest, easiest and quickest way of fitting a child’s car seat.

But what if you wanted to seat your young child on the 3rd row of seats in your seven-seater Land Rover?

The Discovery has ISOfix and LATCH mountings on its third-row seating, which gives you ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

For more information see our article on how to choose a car seat.


What technology can third row passengers enjoy?

Seven-seater SUVs can come with a wide array of standard features and optional equipment to make every passenger feel comfortable and relaxed. Land Rover is no exception.

But what if you sit on the third row of seats? Are you catered for in the same way as the other passengers in front?

If you find yourself in the third row in any of the four Land Rovers, you will be treated to the same indulgences enjoyed by other passengers.

You can immerse yourself in the same music experience thanks to the crisp and clear optional Meridian audio systems. Or stay connected on the move by using the 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. Both of these options are available on Range Rover Sport, Defender 110, Discovery and Discovery Sport.

The latest generation of Discovery, Discovery Sport and Defender 110 also make sure you have enough juice to keep you browsing or streaming with USB and power sockets available for third-row passengers.

These three Land Rovers can be specified with optional climate control which includes additional vents for third-row passengers to improve temperature control and ventilation.

For an extra level of indulgence you can choose to include heated third-row seats on either the Discovery and Defender 110.

If you are in the market for an SUV with third-row seating, these four impressive Land Rover models will accommodate up to seven passengers and can suit most budgets and requirements.