Feel The Future With Eucalyptus

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Munching on a humble eucalyptus leaf, it’s possible the loveable koala might just hold the key to the future of fabrics. Because, for the first time, the new Range Rover Evoque offers Eucalyptus Melange as part of its upholstered interior. This regenerated fibre is now helping change the way we approach sustainable driving.

Pulp, not fiction

As demand grows for ethically-sourced materials, it’s encouraging to see such progression in the automotive industry.

You might already be familiar with eucalyptus products. You’ll find them in beauty treatments, wellbeing remedies and, increasingly, in fashion and textiles.

The latest development, Eucalyptus Melange, is spearheading this trend, providing a truly premium animal-free alternative to leather in Range Rover’s SUV for the city.

More commonly known as the gum tree, there are more than 700 species of eucalyptus – mainly found in Australia. Crucially, it grows quickly and needs significantly less water than plants traditionally used to make materials, helping conserve resources.


C’est eco-chic

Aside from the environmental benefits, eco-chic Eucalyptus Melange fabric has enduring appeal. Its soft lightweight texture is sumptuous in look and touch, while remaining extremely durable.

The Range Rover Evoque is an embodiment of pioneering design at its best. It uses more sustainable and responsibly-sourced materials than ever before and runs on cleaner Ingenium diesel and hybrid-electric power to help reduce emissions.

Chris Thorp
Jaguar Land Rover’s Responsible Business Director

Touch the future

At every turn, there’s something interesting to discover about the new Evoque. Like the 32kg of natural and recycled products that go in to making this luxury compact SUV, and a game-changing material by Kvadrat that fuses wool, suede cloth and 53 recycled plastic bottles per vehicle. 

This is a car that cares about wellbeing in its every form and fibre. 

Inside, the cabin delivers comfort, luxury and serenity. The latest air ionisation technology and pollen filters keep conditions perfect at all times.


The new Evoque is everything you dreamed the future of driving could be… and more.

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